Experiencing Bleep

Adding things to Bleep



Our lives are made up of different parts: hobbies, interests, loved ones, you name it. Yet we either don’t make enough mental space for them, or simply don’t have a central place to keep track of them. Rooms are dedicated spaces for what matters to you.

Make a room for everything

For the parts of your life that you want to give a little extra attention to. Make a Room for them, name it and start building your special space.

Adding items to your room

Just like in Flow, adding items to your Rooms is quick and intuitive. You can also create sub-rooms for finer organization.


Move your favorite blocks right to the top. This is specially helpful for sub-rooms, important resources, or frequently used items.

Move your blocks freely

Move your blocks around to keep the most important ones first for faster access, or move them to other Rooms as your space grows.


Everything in Bleep is private by default, but you can generate a public link to your Rooms or invite other Bleep users for some lightweight collaboration.