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Quick Tour

If you're like me, your days can be filled with thoughts and ideas that pop up at a moment's notice. You want to capture them, but you don't always have the time to write them down, or a place to put them. Many great ideas get lost this way.

Bleep combines elements of note-taking, bookmarking, and other creative tools so you can easily build a memorable space for all your thoughts and inspiration.

Building Blocks

In Bleep, everything you add is a visual block with a nice preview of its content.


Jot down quick notes, or expand them to enter focused writing mode. You can also add images, links or simple checklists into these notes as your ideas develop. Learn more


Access your favorite sites and resources instantly. Add a note or customize them to create memorable collections. Learn more

Pictures & files

Upload a screenshot or pictures of something nice. Add captions, group together into a photo album, or mix with other blocks as you like. Learn more


Whether you want to capture quickly and freely, or organize and curate properly, there's a Bleep experience designed for you.

Use Flow to clear your head

Our take on the weekly planner. Flow lets you add and manage your items week by week. Organizing is optional. Each week you get a fresh start. Learn more

Build out your space with Rooms

We make organizing feel cozy. Create dedicated spaces for important aspects of your life. You can make Rooms for hobbies, work, mindfulness, or whatever works for you. Learn more

Use Map to track your activity

Your stuff is safe with us. As your space grows, Map helps you search, filter and rediscover old gems, no matter where they live or how long ago you saved them. Learn more

© 2023 Bleep LLC

Make it yours.

© 2023 Bleep LLC

Make it yours.