Experiencing Bleep

Adding things to Bleep



Jot down quick notes, or expand them to enter focused writing mode. You can also add images, links or simple checklists into these notes as your ideas develop.

Start quickly

When in Flow or in a Room, you can quickly write down a note from the bottom of the app.

Previewing & expanding

You can open up your notes and edit without leaving Flow or your current Room. Press the expand button to give yourself more room to focus and elaborate on your ideas.

Writing focused notes

Choose the Long note option on the ➕ button to make a new note in a focused mode. You can also press ⇧ N on your keyboard to open a new note from anywhere within Bleep.

Long-form & structured text

Underneath the simplicity, Bleep is ready to help you expand your ideas and thoughts with rich formatting, images and checklists.

Here are some quick shortcuts to help you style quick:

  • *text* to bolden text

  • _text_ to italicize text

  • # text to create a title

  • ## text to create a heading

  • ### text to create a subheading

  • * text to create a bulleted list

  • 1. text to create a numbered list

  • [] todo to create a checklist

Pick a color for your note

Highlight the notes that matter the most with some color.

Sharing notes

Share your ideas with minimal branding and maximum joy. Share notes by themselves or along with other items inside a Room.

© 2023 Bleep LLC

Make it yours.

© 2023 Bleep LLC

Make it yours.