Bleep Genie 🧞

Introducing a new type of block: Wish. A block you can talk to. Like any block on Bleep, you can put it in rooms, search it, and organize it as you like.

Get Started

The quickest way to get started is through the Bleep bar at the bottom of your screen. Press ➕ and you'll see the option to Make a wish:

This will open a page similar to what you're used to with something like ChatGPT. Except your conversation is now saved on Bleep and you can search for it and organize it as you want.

Messages with your genie can be deleted independently in case you want to test out a different question, and if you like a response you can make it a note.

Contextual Wishes

Have a note or room already you want your genie to look at? Easy. Look for the 🌠 icon on a room or note and you can ask your genie for their take.

You can start your chat with your Genie and they'll know what note or room you're referring to when you made your wish:

Privacy Considerations

Bleep’s business model aligns with the best interest of our users. What you post is private and isn't shared with external parties. That said, Genie uses GPT-3.5 from OpenAI which inherently receives your conversations and data when interacting with it. It is anonymized, so they don't know who you are and can't identify you individually.

Genie will be an opt-in feature, this means that our commitment to privacy continues and you decide if you want to use it.

We Need You

We're just as excited as you are about new technologies, but at the same time we won't be adding Genie to Bleep officially until we are confident it's a right fit for the Bleep experience. We are embracing AI as a tool for curiosity and exploration, not necessarily automation.

As you play with it, see how it compares to other platforms you use that have AI, think about your own unique use cases for Bleep, and how they could be improved (or even hindered) by Genie. Please feel free to send your feedback from within the product or email me directly at

Next Steps

We’re building towards a more useful and wiser Genie. You can expect to see updates where you can make wishes and Genie will understand what you mean based on your existing notes, bookmarks or the content you have on Bleep. We're also toying with the idea of having multiple genies with different personalities to match your own.